Cats & Small Animals

We you have to be away from home it can be difficult to keep asking friends and neighbours to care for your smaller pets, and sometimes they don't have the required experience to provide complete care for your pet.
Sending your pet/s to somewhere strange can be upsetting for them (and very costly) so we can provide services that enable they to stay in their comfort of the familiar surroundings of their own home.

We can arrange a daily or twice daily visit to your pet/s to tend to them. Obviously, we can feed and water, change bedding, adjust heating and ventilation, but we like to go beyond that and will be happy to spend time socialising and playing with your pet/s if required. Obviously, we will also cover the day to day issues such as picking up your post, putting out your bins, watering plants and checking on security, etc.

Whether you have Chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, reptiles, mice, rats, tortoises, birds, gerbils or chipmunks (or any other furry little friend) we'd be happy to help. Or if you'd prefer we can arrange for someone to stay in your home and care for your pets
We also provide full boarding facilities for dogs and are fully licensed to do so - why send your loved ones to a kennels when they can stay with us in a home from home environment.